On my travels across the Tiny Planet universe a lot of people ask me is they were available on t-shirts, sweaters and other kind of print. After many many no’s i decided to build this shop. In my daily life I am a photographer of In-and exterior photography, 360 degree photography, Virtual Tours and of course Tiny Planets.

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My name is Titus Davidheimann Beek and I am creative image thinker and storytelling photographer with a unique, clearly recognizable style.  For those who fit this style of photography, a world of new creativity and ideas opens up.

When does a photo exactly that for which it is intended?
When she presents a story beautiful and tasteful. Images contain immense amount of information and can easily replace words. A good picture tells the whole story and gets straight into the heart.

What are we talking about?
We are talking about life and everything that stands for symbolically.


Behind everything is a story and I like to capture that story. This can be in a small series or in one image. This creates a picture about.. . which is something quite different from a photograph of …. Something valuable and unique.